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Tribes and Laws:

Caddo Tribe ,

The Consitution of the Caddo Tribe

Corporate Charter of the Caddo Tribe,

Caddo Nation Announces New Credit Program

INFCP Tribal Reserve Act of 2001,

The Oklahoma Indian Welfare Act

The Indian Reorganization Act

The Tribal Tax Act

The Native American Business Development, Trade Promotion, and Tourism Act of 2000

The Trust Fund Reform Act

The Indian Energy Resources Act

Map of U.S. Indian Lands

INFCA Advisory Board

INFCA Tribal Reserve Board

Executive Summary

Summary Business Plan

INFCA Political Organization Diagram and Explanation

INFCA Governmental Rights Diagram

INFCA Internal Organizational Diagram

The Cyril Refinery Project of Kee Goodle Daw

The Buffalo Reserve Trust

Indian Boys and Girls Club of America in Chickasha

Section 311 & 312 of the Tribal Reserve Act

The Native Founders Consulting Group

The People at INFCA Tribal Reserve

Information Resources